Taping Your Mouth Shut.... To Sleep?

I've been exhausted and recently my sleep study came back normal - except for when I'm in REM - then my oxygen levels drop below 70%.  They have no idea why....  but it is a symptom of two different issues - Leukemia or Anemia.

I do not have either one - although I wasn't tested for leukemia, I do not show a single other symptom.  As for the anemia, apparently my blood work came back normal.

So, seeing as neither the Sleep Study Doctor, my BMI Doctor, nor my Family Doctor think I have any issues - and do not see my sheer exhaustion as an issue, I'm back to trying to self diagnose myself with Doctor Google.

I recently came across this bizarre idea - taping your mouth to sleep. 

Breathing through your nose while you sleep apparently gives you a more quality sleep, better endurance, less allergies, and fewer cavities.  Mouth breathing increases blood pressure, makes allergies worse, aggravates asthma and deprives the body of the oxygen it needs.

 The nose is for breathing and the mouth is for eating!


From Maria Mind Body Health:

If you are breathing through your mouth, blood vessels in the sinuses become inflamed and mucus production increases. If you notice that you wake up with a dry mouth, you are a mouth breather. Waking up with a dry mouth is bad for the microbiome in your mouth. A dry mouth increases cavities too because your teeth need saliva for protection. This dry mouth and lower microbiome can also cause bad breath.

Another problem with mouth breathing is that it causes a state of chronic hyperventilation where you inhale and exhale too much air. This chronic hyperventilation creates an imbalance of carbon dioxide-oxygen exchange. The brain in-turn stimulating mucus production to slow the breathing, which causes nasal congestion. This creates a bad cycle that causes mouth breathers no longer able to breathe through the nose.

On the other hand, nose breathing slows and enhances breathing rhythm and optimizes carbon dioxide oxygen exchange, which in turn, increases focus, energy and mood. The nose is also a filter for airborne particles in the air

How do you stop mouth breathing? Tape your mouth shut! Mouth Taping for sleep has been helping thousands of people lower their anxiety, increase memory and concentration. Mouth breathing increases anxiety by activating the sympathetic nervous system.


A quick google search and there are hundreds of web sites tooting the great transformations of mouth breathers to nose breathers!  Be sure to check out the above link to get more details.

I'm not sure if I can give this one a try - can you?