9 Great Uses For Beer

Here are some great ways to use Beer - for more than just Keg Stands!

1.   Add to your favourite Chili recipe!

Add beer to your favourite Chili recipe - it adds a depth to the Chili that you just cannot get from spices or simmering.  The darker the Beer the more robust the flavour!

2.   Make Beer Bread!

There are tons of recipes for Beer Bread - its a German classic!
Here is my favourite - Easy Beer Bread.

3.   Kill Slugs

Bury a small jar with a healthy splash of Beer up to the rim in the garden where slugs have been an issue.  Slugs simply cannot resist Beer - and they will fall into the jar and will be unable to get out.

4.   Fix Brown Patches of Lawn

Apparently the acids in Beer will repel the Grubs eating your lawn - and help promote green growth!  I haven't tried this yet - but you can get more details here.

5.   Make a Great Meat Tenderizing Marinade

Any good Beer - Lager or Stout - makes a great meat tenderizer.  The darker the Beer, the more flavourful.  You can add seasonings - garlic and Montreal steak spice are my favourite - to the Beer and let chill with the meat for 1 - 24 hours.

6.   Revive Wooden Furniture

Rub your real wood furniture with a soft cloth dipped in flat (stale) Beer.  It polishes and revives the colour.

7.   Add Life to your Hair

Soaking your hair in Beer helps boost your highlights and softens just like conditioner (if you don't wash after).

8.   Polish Gold Jewelry

Let your gold soak in a shallow dish of Beer, then polish with a soft cloth.  You'll never buy expensive jewelry cleaner again!

9.   The Best - and Easiest - Fish Batter

Using Pancake Mix - the Just-Add-Water type - add enough Beer to make a thick Batter.  It fries up wonderfully flaky ever time!