10 Signs Your Body Has Too Much Estrogen And How To Deal

So, with my diagnosis of severe Anemia, and current treatment, I have found some changes to my body.

I seem to be out-smelling my deodorant.  As in, it's not strong enough.  And I have found my voice has changed, deeper I think, my facial hair has increased, and I'm not sure what is happening.  I mean, I know I have big kahunas - but I don't want to grow a pair!

And of course, the first thing I do is turn to Dr Google.  Dr Google knows it all!

So, these, and the following symptoms, all describe exactly what I'm feeling:

Abnormal menstrual periods
Low libido
Hair loss
Weight gain
Brain fog
Trouble sleeping
Thyroid dysfunction
Sluggish metabolism

It's Estrogen Dominance!

But how to deal with it - that's the question!

There are a lot of resources out there, so while I wait for my next real doctor's appointment, here is what I have culled from my research:


A common chemical we are exposed to on a daily basis is xenoestrogen, which mimics estrogen in the body. Xenoestrogen should be removed and avoided - the biggest culprits are:

Plastic Tupperware and Water bottles
BPA cans and Styrofoam
Cosmetics, makeup, and toiletries (including Nail Polish and Perfumes)
Soy protein isolate
Dryer sheets and Fabric Softener
Air Pollutants - like Car Exhaust
Paint, Glue and Solvents

Efficient Elimination and Detoxification

Estrogen is filtered through the kidneys, and out through your bowels and bladder.  If you're constipated (or even slow moving),  the estrogen can re-enter the body, causing your kidneys to have to filter it out again.  To help support the kidneys and keep things moving, it''s advised to:

Drink 2-3L of water daily
Increase the intake of fiber-rich foods
Consume probiotics
Each a real, whole-foods based diet
Avoid overeating
Eat foods that support liver health
Take B-vitamins
Reduce Stress

Sources and to learn more:  Great Herbal Remedies, Intelligence Medicine, Let's Get Checked,

Also, I've stumbled upon some great research being done about Raw Carrots and Hormonal Imbalances - I think might be worth a read - and then a try! 

So, these are all very do-able.  Some, I will be sad to see go (like my Fabric Softener) but I think I will be starting with Water and Vitamins and continue from there.