The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Here is the ultimate checklist timeline for what to do when you've decided to move.   Trust me, I've done this before.

You've Decided To Move

Once you've got your claws into a new place, it's time to PURGE!
You've been meaning to go through the 48 mismatched sheets you never use, and the kids have piles of toys that are collecting dust.  You do not want to pack up and lug around the 72 socks with no mates.  Get rid of it once and for all!

Hiring a Company or Truck to DIY?
Call and start getting quotes and / or bookings.  You can never call to early!

It's also time to call Mom and ask her to sit the kids and / or pets for moving day (and if you're lucky - a sleepover!!)

1 Month Before M-Day

Start collecting boxes!
Moving and storage companies all sell new boxes, some will sell used boxes, and of course, grocery, liquor and big box stores will give them away for free.  You can even find them on Kijiji from others who have recently moved.  No matter your budget, it's time to start gathering boxes, and filling them with seldom used items.  I promise you will need more boxes than you think.  Collect them all!
Be sure to label the outside of each box with the room it is destined for, and the contents.  Trust me, if you need something before the move, you won't undo all your hard work looking for it - and post move, it will take a few days (weeks?) to unpack, so if you are in need, you'll have a better chance of finding fast.

Quit Buying - And Start Eating - Your Freezer!
Use up things you don't want to pack - Food, Cleaners, Toiletries, etc....  You're going to order out Moving Day - do you really want to worry about moving all the little bits of things from the door of your refrigerator?

Get the Day Off
Be sure to book the day (or two or three after) off with your employer.  Not having to juggling work AND moving on the same day is a huge relief!

2 Weeks Before M-Day

Confirm Your Moving Arrangements
Whether you've booked a company, a U-Haul or just friends, make sure your arrangements are clear and confirmed.  It would be awful to have your friends show up the day before, and no one able to make it the day of.

Pack The Majority
Sure, leave everyone 1 towel each and 4 outfits - and then pack the rest!  It's easier to do multiple smaller loads as needed, then running around the night before, packing boxes (or garbage bags) of dirty laundry!  How often do you Iron?  Make Waffles?  Bake Cookies?  How likely are you to do these things within the two weeks before you move?  Pack it!

Make a Safe Space
I use a Hello Kitty Book Bag - it's pink and loud and has great straps - and make it my Safe Space, but it can be a box or container too.  You will want to start collecting all the valuable items - jewelry, papers, certificates, etc.... that you don't want to get lost in the move.  I also throw in a roll of toilet paper - because you just never know once you arrive at the new place!  It's come in handy once.

Go Postal
Visit the Post Office to fill out the change of address to have your mail re-directed to your new address.  Also, if you've made friends next door, maybe they could keep an eye on your old mailbox, so be sure to leave them your phone number incase anything is delivered, or pop in a few weeks after you've moved.

Heads Up
Be sure to also notify your Bank, your Employer / HR department, any Subscriptions, Utility, Credit Card Companies, Insurance, etc....  of your new address, and set up any new services that you may need.  Alternatively, be sure to set up a future cancel / closing date for any services you won't be needing at the new place.

1 Week Before M-Day

Pack and Purge
The pressure is on.  Now is the time to pull out the paper plates and pack the porcelain!  Look at each item and decide whether or not it is worth packing - as you now realize you didn't get enough boxes.  Get to it!

Be sure to return anything borrowed - library books, movies, casserole dish, etc... Not only do you not want to lose it in the move - but do you really want to pack it and drag it along?

A Few Days Before

Gather a Necessities Basket
I use a laundry basket, as it's big, open and obvious.  Start collecting all the immediate necessities you will need for the new house.  I pack clean Underwear for everyone (in a Ziploc Freezer Bag).  A couple of rolls of TP, the Can Opener, a pack of Light Bulbs, Cleaners, Hand Soap, Body Wash and Shampoo, Garbage Bags, First Aid Kit, Flashlight, a few Snacks (usually just a box of Granola Bars), Paper Cups, etc....   It travels to the new place in my car with me, and then it is placed in the Bathtub as soon as we arrive.  It will be completely out of the way during the move and it is centrally located so that anyone needing anything, knows where to go.  Once done, it usually lives in the kitchen for a day or two as we get adjusted and a little rest.

Be sure to have cash on hand the day of your move, to tip your movers or to order pizza for your friends who helped pitch in.

And that's it!  If you've been able to check off all the items in the list - I bet Moving Day rolled up nice and smooth, and you were ready to go!

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