8 Smart Packing Tips to Smooth Your Move

Hack your move with these 8 great packing tips!

1.  Put the stuff you will need ASAP in a special container / tote.

Personally, I prefer a laundry basket, but any container that is unusual will work.  That way, it won't get lost in the forest of boxes and the chaos of the day, and you will easily - and quickly - be able to grab your cell phone charger or toilet paper.

2.  Use the right sized boxes.

Put the heavy items in the smaller boxes.  Cast iron pans and cookbooks are heavy and loading them into large boxes will make moving them more difficult - and you run the chance of the box being damaged and ripping open.

3.  Heavy on the bottom

Remember those Cast Iron pans and Cookbooks?  Pack them into the bottom of the smaller boxes and lighter things on top to balance - strainers and tupperware have to be packed too.  If you are packing the moving truck yourself, you should also be sure to stack heavier boxes on the bottom.

4.  Don't leave empty spaces in the boxes

Fill the gaps with clothing, towels or even packing paper if you have nothing that would fit.  It not only keeps the weight distribution even, it also reinforces the boxes - and makes a more efficient move - fewer boxes!

5.  Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box

Save yourself some time walking back and forth from the bedroom and the bathroom as you unpack.  Of course, I would never leave a box with space, so this would be the first rule I'd break.

6.  Label each box with the room it's destined for - and a few words describing the contents

And if you want to be even more organized - number the boxes so you can easily see if a box is missing.

7.  Tape it real good

Be sure to tape the boxes really well.  Nothing is worse than trying to move a box or two as it's opening and falling apart.  A strip of box tape across the bottom, then 2-3 more strips along the flap seam, gives it the best strength.

8.  Bundle your breakables

As you pack your dishes, stack them with a sheet of paper between them, then wrap bundles of 5 or 6 together with more paper.  This protects them from each other, and gives them more strength.  Pack dishes on their sides - never flat pack - and use crumbled paper above and below in the box to add cushioning.  Bowls and glasses can be stacked - with paper between - and wrapped 3 or 4 to a bundle with additional paper.

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