What To Wear - Everywhere Else

Sure, there are thousands of articles out there, that will give you advice on what to wear to work - but what about everywhere else?

If you are as fashion clueless as I am - but can grasp enough to feel awkward when over or under dressed, then this is for you - and ME!

A Baptism or Christening:
Or any other religious ceremony
A pretty daytime dress or feminine jacket-and-skirt (or pant) combo is the safest bet.  If the event is held in a church (or other religious building) you should keep it modest - nothing low cut, short, or revealing.  Although some dress codes are very relaxed for their regular service, because it is a special ceremony, it is expected to be more formal.
Another tell tale sign of what is expected, is the order of events.  For example, if attending a Bar Mitzvah, if the party afterward is helding immediately, a cocktail dress would be perfect - but cover up with a wrap or jacket while at the temple.

A Business Dinner ot Work Holiday Party:
A simple little black dress (or any colour) and adorned with larger jewelry or colourful heels you wouldn't normally wear to work, would be considered perfect.

A Funeral or Wake:
A suit (skirt or pant) or a knee length dress with a cardigan would be best.  It isn't so much about the clothes you are wearing - as long as they convey the somberness of the event.  Tone downed clothing in darker colours - it doesn't have to be black - are the best choice.  Avoid loud patterns and flashy pieces.  Jewelry should also be quiet and classic - just keep it simple.

A Wedding:
What to wear to weddings these days, all depends on the wedding!

Black Tie:  A mid calf to floor length dress and heels.  Think Old Hollywood glamour - not Disney Princess!  Add classic style jewelry.

Black Tie Optional:  Same as a Black Tie - except a knee length cocktail dress would also be appropriate.  Your jewelry choices are a little more liberal - go for sparkle!

Cocktail or Semi-Formal:  A colourful, but still sophisticated, dress, knee to mid-calf length.  You can also opt for a formal dress pants and a sophisticated blouse.

Beach Wedding:  A long, flowy sundress or maxi dress would be perfect - especially in pastels or tropical colours.  Flats or fancy sandals would be the better choice.

Outdoors:  A colourful dress and bold jewelry would be a perfect fit.  Avoid heels though, you'll only sink in the grass.  Wedges or flats would be the best choice.

City Hall:  A dress would be nice, but a nice skirt or pant with a pretty blouse would also work well.  What is happening after the ceremony should tell you how to dress - lunch at a pub?  Dinner at a high end restaurant?  Party at their place?

And if you are still in doubt - do a little research.  I'm sure a google image search of the location or the theme will give you more ideas as to what is expected.