Amazing Slow + Low Dry Rub Ribs

This is my absolutely favourite way to make ribs.  I used to be a slow cooker until fall apart, but I decided to try something different and I haven't gone back!

These Ribs are juicy and fall off the bone perfect!  The rub creates a flavourful crust that locks in the juices and tenderizes flawlessly!

The Recipe:

A Big Rack of Ribs (these were on sale $6.87 total)

1 Tbsp Garlic Powder  $0.12
1 Tbsp Onion Powder  $0.12
2 tsp Black Pepper   $0.12
1 Tbsp Brown Sugar   $0.02
1 Tbsp Chili Powder   $0.12
2 Tbsp Salt (I know, right)   $0.03
1 Tbsp Paprika   $0.12
1 Tbsp Cumin   $0.06

Total Cost:  $7.58 = $0.63/serving

1.  Combine all the spices in a bowl, then rub into Ribs.

2.  Bake Ribs at 250' for 4-5 hours - until meat is tender and cooked through.

Serves 8+ (Specifically these Ribs had 12 servings)

You could also cook these on the BBQ over low - be watchful as the juices could cause a flare up.